Steering Committee

David P. Bobzien, Co-Chair
Lucia Anna (Pia) Trigiani, Co-Chair

Jeannie P. Dahnk
Bernard J. DiMuro
Michael A. Glasser
Karen A. Gould
Harry M. (Pete) Johnson
David C. Landin
Yvonne C. McGhee
Sharon D. Nelson
Edward L. Weiner
F. Anderson Morse, Ex Officio

Co-Sponsored by

The Virginia Bar Association
701 East Franklin Street,
Suite 1120
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Virginia State Bar

1111 East Main Street
Suite 700
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Save the Date!

Join us in Virginia, the home of law and presidents, where tradition blends with revolutionary beginnings.

Details will be coming soon to this site, so please bookmark your browser and mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Save the date!