Virginia Lawyer

Virginia Lawyer

October 2002
Vol. 51/No. 3

Cover Art: Detail of Preparing for the Bateaux Race, 1992, by Anne Adams Robertson Massie, watercolor on paper, 22 x 30 inches, from the Presidents Collection of the Virginia State Bar; in honor of the Hon. R. Edwin Burnette, Jr., VSB President 1993–1994; in memory of Samuel Haines Williams, Esq., VSB President 1938–40; gift of Edmunds & Williams, P.C. and the family of Samuel Haines Williams. Photograph by Katherine Wetzel.



Senior Lawyers Conference


Protecting Your and Your Clients’ Interests in the Event of Your Disability or Death
by Frank Overton Brown, Jr.

Working with the Minimum Distribution Rules
by Louis A. Mezzullo

The Mentor Challenge in Changing Times
by Jack W. Burtch, Jr.

In Furtherance of Civility
by G. Marshall Mundy and C. Glasgow Butts


President’s Page
by Bernard J. DiMuro

Proposed Rule Change

Guest Column
by John H. Pickering

Young Lawyers Conference
by Lori M. Elliott

Senior Lawyers Conference
by Colin J. S. Thomas, Jr.


Letter to the Editor

Pro Bono

News & Notes

Local and Specialty Bars

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