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February 2004
Vol. 52/No. 7

Fork Union, 1935, by Theresa Pollak (American 1899-2002), 9" x 11 3/4" watercolor and ink on paper. Accession number 2003.1.3.1 Gift of the Theresa Pollak Reference Collection. From the permanent collection of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Anderson Gallery. Photo ©Katherine Wetzel, 2003.*



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Family Limited Partnership Developments—Time for a Checkup
by David Lionberger

Services Under the Retail Sales and Use Tax Act: Not as Exempt as You Think
by Kathleen McCormick

Conservation Easements: Profitable for All Virginians
by Mark W. Botkin and Matthew W. Light

Fact or Fiction: Legitimate Tax Savings Through Delaware IP Holding Companies?
by William G. Fendley IV

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A Primer on Virginia and Federal Tax Research Sources
by David H. Mason


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*About the cover

Expressions such as “patron saint of the visual arts,” “one of the most influential Richmonders” and “legendary talent” have been synonymous with the Virginian artist and art educator, Theresa Pollak (1899-2002) and her prolific body of work. She was one of the founding faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Art Department and served as chairman of the arts from 1942 to 1950. Upon retirement from teaching for more than forty years, Theresa Pollak received the prestigious title of Professor Emerita in 1968. In 1971, Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts building was named the Theresa Pollak Building in her honor. Pollak had several exhibitions nationally including the Whitney Museum of Art in New York and the Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington, D.C.

Fork Union is one of six hundred works on paper that were gifted to the Anderson Gallery by the artist to be known as the Theresa Pollak Reference Collection. The watercolor and pen rendering is one of Pollak’s earliest drawings and is featured in a new exhibition, Origins: Works on Paper by Theresa Pollak, on view at the Anderson Gallery from January 23 through March 7, 2004. The exhibition features over thirty previously unseen watercolors, prints and drawings from this new gift, with a focus on Pollak’s artistic process documenting her fascination in discovering the fundamental nature or origin of the subject. A remarkable sense of play and verve are apparent in her
works on paper.

Amy G. Moorefield
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director
Curator of Collections, Anderson Gallery

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