Virginia Lawyer

Virginia Lawyer

February 2003
Vol. 51/No. 7

Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harry L. Carrico 1985 portrait by Peter Stevens



Construction Law and Public Contract Section

Construction Law in the Twenty-first Century: A Unique Challenge
by Jack Rephan

Implied Indemnity in Virginia and Its Application to Claims for Economic Damages
by Jack Rephan

Contractors and Sureties Beware! Sarbanes-Oxley Will Affect You, Too
by Daniel E. Toomey and Tamara M. McNulty

An Analysis of Virginia. Code § 43-11, as Amended: An Old Law that is Still Good Law
by Randall H. Wintory

Increased Federal Government Spending Brings Greater Scrutiny of Government Contract Ethics
by Thomas R. Folk and Patricia H. Wittie


Retirement Tribute to Chief Justice of Virginia Harry L. Carrico

Remarks of The Honorable Gerald L. Baliles, Former Governor of Virginia

Tribute Reception and Dinner Photos


President’s Message
by Bernard J. DiMuro

Senior Lawyers Conference
by Colin J. S. Thomas, Jr.



Access to Legal Services

News & Notes


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