Virginia Lawyer

Virginia Lawyer

February 2002
Vol. 50/No. 7

On the cover:

The Family Law Section celebrates its 25th anniversary

Art: Detail of Polyptych: Wilson Creek Nebulae—Vines, 1991, by Ray Kass, watercolor on rag paper under beeswax, mounted on 13 panels, 69 x 76 inches, from the Presidents Collection of the Virginia State Bar; in honor of Waller H. Horsley, Esq., VSB President 1982–1983; gift of Hunton & Williams. Photography by Katherine Wetzel.



Family Law Section

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Dischargeability of Support and Property-Related Obligations
by Alexander S. de Witt

The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem in Custody Cases
by Cheshire I’Anson Eveleigh and Mona S. Flax

Nemo Tenetur Seipsum Accusare
Comments on the Fifth Amendment and its Use in Family Law Cases

by Edward D. Barnes and Charles E. Powers

General Assembly Adopts UCCJEA to Replace UCCJA
by Richard E. Crouch


President’s Page
by Michael A. Glasser

Young Lawyers Conference
by O’Kelly E. McWilliams, III

Senior Lawyers Conference
by Frank O. Brown, Jr.


VSB Committee on Technology and the Law

Legal Resource Review

Pro Bono

News & Notes

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