Virginia Lawyer

Virginia Lawyer

December 2004
Vol. 53/No. 5

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Litigation Section

Message from the Chair
by Robert E. Scully Jr.

Estoppel by Inconsistent Positions or Judicial Estoppel: What's in a Name?
by Robert E. Scully Jr.

Gray v. Rhoads: Doing Indirectly What You Can't Do Directly
by John C. West and Megan C. Rahman

"It's the Sneaking Around that Gets You in Trouble": The Key to Unlocking Fiduciary Duty Litigation Claims
by Gregory J. Haley

Protecting Trade Secrets — A Review of   Virginia's Statute
by Scott Ford


President’s Message

Young Lawyers Conference

Senior Lawyers Conference

Law Office Management


Council Highlights

Proposed Rule Changes

Bar News

In Memoriam

Access to Legal Services

VSB Profile



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