Virginia Lawyer

Virginia Lawyer

April 2001
Vol. 49/No. 9

On the cover: an osprey and nest on the Rappahannock. Photo by Richmond-based photographer, Lynda Richardson. Click here for more information.



Environmental Law Section

Protecting Privilege, Recognizing the Risks of Criminal Liability and Reaping the Benefits of EPA’s Audit Policy
by Dan J. Jordanger and Christopher R. Graham

Americans With Disabilities Act Challenges to Environmental Regulatory Programs
by Robert J. Kinney

Superfund Liability Relief for Small Business Blocked in the 106th U.S. Congress
by John H. Stoody

Environmental Law in Virginia State & Local Health
Department Aspects

by R. Leonard Vance and Kristine Gonzalez

The Impact of Heating Oil Tanks on Residential Real
Estate Transactions

by Mary-Ellen Alexander Kendall


President’s Page
by Joseph A. Condo

MDP Commission Survey

Young Lawyers Conference
by Tracy A. Giles

Council Meeting Highlights

Local Bar Spotlight


Reinstatement Petitions

Pro Bono

Fee Dispute Resolution

News & Notes

Legal Resource Review


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