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Proposed | amendment to bylaws regarding Council election procedures (pending review by Virginia State Bar Council)

The Bylaw Amendment Committee, consisting of Howard W. Martin, Jr., Jon D. Huddleston, and Adam D. Elfenbein, has proposed the following amendment to the Council bylaws, Article II, Sec. 2, in order to prevent the elimination of ballots when the voter fails to vote for precisely the number of positions to be filled on Council from his or her circuit.  By adding the language "or fewer person(s)," this permits the voter to cast a ballot for fewer persons than positions to be filled, but does not permit them to write-in and vote for more candidates than there are positions to be filled.  It also eliminates the disqualification of ballots when the ballot has been cast for just one candidate, even though more than one position is to be filled.


Article II Election of Council

Sec. 2 Ballot


Write-in votes shall be permitted, but the executive director may exclude illegible write-in votes and shall exclude write-in votes for any candidate ineligible to serve pursuant to these bylaws, if elected. In those instances where there are more candidates for Council positions than there are positions to be filled from the circuit, the ballot will contain instructions to vote only for the same number of persons or fewer person(s) as there are positions to be filled; ballots which do not conform to this requirement will not be counted.

Comments should be submitted to Karen A. Gould,  Executive Director, Virginia State Bar, 1111 E. Main St., Suite 700, Richmond, VA 23219-3565, no later than the end of the business day on August 15, 2014. Comments may be submitted via e-mail to

Updated: August 18, 2014